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Info Truffle

The growth of the truffle needs special conditions; it doesn't like dry soil and requires particular mineral salts. It also prefers clay based-calcareous terrain, with the presence of siliceous earth.

The truffle is symbiotic and lives off many types of tree, such as Oak, Poplar & Willow and the type of tree the truffle grows below can influence the fineness and intensity of the perfume & flavour. The most precious truffle is the truffle found growing with the Oak tree, being quite dark, of a pimpled appearance and of a higher specific weight. It is often found in the more compact terrain. The truffle associated with the poplar tree is usually rounder, whiter and is found in loose and less dense earth.

Truffles grow at a depth of around 10 – 35 cm below the ground and there are over 100 varieties but the most well known is the white truffle "tuber magnatum", particularly appreciated for its intense perfume, its taste and its ability to enhance and transform the flavour of foods whilst the black truffle, (tuber melanosperum), is much more common and less precious than the white variety.

Truffles can be found in our valley almost every month of the year.