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History Truffle

The Truffle, a delicious fruit of the earth, is real underground treasure. With its intense perfume and original taste, it is amongst the most mysterious items of the vegetable kingdom. In the past it amazed botanists and naturalists and even today its secrets are kept with jealousy by those who have knowledge of it.

The Romans simply called it "tuber", which in Latin means swelling or pimple. Aristotle and other ancient authors such as Pythagoras attributed aphrodisiac powers to it & Plutarch was convinced that it was formed after atmospheric turbulences, with the help of thunder and lightning or that it came from strange wandering roots detached from the mother plants or else from clots produced by fermentation of the earth. Only toward the XII century did it start to be called "terrae tuffolae" which was then shortened to the word "tartuffole", from which "Tartufo"  was created (truffle).

Pico for his degree of medicine thesis in Turin in the year 1788, discussed mushrooms for the first time and gave to the white truffle the name "tuber magnatum."